Let's talk about how we can help you sell more.

  • We Partner With You On Fulfillment & Support

    With each new need that’s presented to us, we’ve challenged ourselves to create an effective and efficient solution. Through this process Great Northern Instore has added related support service categories to its roster of competencies. Creative display design, engineering, prototyping, logistics, and warehousing are just some of those value added services.

  • We Make Displays & Merchandisers

    Brand marketers spend years building their product’s brand equity. To  survive today’s retail environment, your point of sale display must deliver on your brand image while attracting, informing and motivating the consumer. Experience in designing and building these displays is critical to the success of these programs. Great Northern Instore has a wealth of experience with a wide variety of product types placed into home centers, distributors, and retailers.


  • We Help You Sample Your Product

    Great Northern Instore has a long history of making precision-crafted samples for the Paint & Stain industry, the Hardware industry and the Building Materials industry. As a single source for your sample requirements, we are the ideal partner to support your marketing programs. Integrated design, manufacturing and fulfillment programs are tailor-made to fit your particular needs.

Latest Projects

  • Sales Presentation Case
  • Concrete Coating
  • Custom Coated Fandeck
  • Composite Decking Counter Display
  • Custom Slide Bar Merchandiser Display for Heavy Hardware Items
  • Paint and Stain Color Selector Flip Page
  • In Line Store Merchandiser for Cabinet Hardware
  • Milwaukee Tools Nail Gun Floor Display
  • Drill and Accessory Display for Hitachi
  • How To Progression Board
  • In Line Decking and Concrete Coating Display - Color Selector
  • Wall Board for Retail
  • Hardware Sample Board
  • Window Shade and Moulding Sample Kit
  • Field Sales Decking and Railing Kit
  • Take Home Counter Display Sample Kit

Who We Are


Our Mission is to help our customers win by doing what others can’t or won’t

We take a TEAM approach to help our customers get and remain on a successful path. It is a strategy that has won us long-term relationships and earned customers results at retail.

Great Northern Instore is a one-stop shop for all of your sampling and merchandising needs. From design and engineering to prototyping and manufacturing, we are uniquely resourced and integrated to partner with you to achieve your goals.



Our People Are Our Biggest Strength.

Great Northern Instore has more than four decades of experience specialized in the building supplies industry. Our success stems from an exceptionally high employee retention rate and a commitment to customer loyalty. Our philosophy is based on partnership approach and deep knowledge of our customers.

Why Choose Great Northern Instore?

1. We Focus on Partnership

Unlike most merchandising companies, Great Northern Instore does not search out projects to bid on. Instead, we seek customers to partner with. As partners, we provide a full range of merchandising services, including exhibit displays, store displays, sample kits, samples, and fulfillment programs.

2. We Offer Specialized Experience

Rather than a broad brush outlook, we concentrate on specific industries – Building Products, Paint and Stain, and Builders Hardware. This concentration has allowed us to become very cost effective by investing in equipment specifically designed for the products our customers desire.

3. We Can Do It All

Great Northern Instore has done countless big box resets, has made tens of thousands of displays for distributors around the world, and routinely makes single exhibit displays for our partners. No job is too big or too small – we make whatever our customers need to succeed in their merchandising programs.

4. We Keep It Under One Roof

With over four decades of merchandising experience, Great Northern Instore has developed the capability to make a wide range of products in house, rather than subcontracting product manufacturing, This range includes samples, sample kits, fan decks, signs, wallboards, counter displays, and floor displays. Wood and engineered wood products are cut and machined, and wood is stained/painted and top coated in our Belvidere facility.