About Us


Who We Are?

Unlike most merchandising companies, Great Northern Instore does not search out projects to bid on. Instead, we seek customers to partner with. As partners, we provide a full range of merchandising services, including exhibit displays, store displays, sample kits, samples, and fulfillment programs. In addition, rather than a broad brush outlook, we concentrate on specific industries – Building Products, Paint and Stain, and Builders Hardware. This concentration has allowed us to become very cost effective by investing in equipment specifically designed for the products our customers desire. Further, our employees, many of whom have been with us for decades, have become very familiar with our customers, their products, their sales-force, and even their customers.


What We Do?

With over 40 years of merchandising experience, Great Northern Instore has developed the capability to make a wide range of products in house, rather than subcontracting product manufacturing, This range includes samples, sample kits, fan decks, signs, wallboards, counter displays, and floor displays Wood and engineered wood products are cut and machined, and wood is stained/painted and top coated in our Belvidere facility.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring unparalleled manufacturing and design capabilities to customers in order to help them maximize opportunities at retail.

Company Vision

Great Northern Instore continues to move forward toward becoming the leading merchandising display and support companies serving a wide variety of markets.


Our Values

Our values are simple: to follow through on promises to our clients, partner for long-term success, and continually improve the ways we do business in order to best serve our customers.